Just received flowers for Mother’s Day from this business. They are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you!!

Teagan 7

I totally recommend Teagan Park Florals, I received an amazingly exquisite spring bouquet for Mother’s Day. Wonderful creative work Teagan.

Teagan 6

Teagan goes above and beyond with every piece she designs! Her style is unique, airy, and gorgeous!

Teagan 5

My flowers were amazing! Literally my favourite piece of the entire wedding! Thank youuu!

Teagan 4

I literally think so highly of your talent, you are incredible! Love my flowers and you, thank you!

Teagan 3

Thank you so much for everything. I can’t stop thinking about how much of a dream it turned out to be.

Teagan 2

Thank you Teagan for delivering such a beautiful bouquet! She loved the sunflowers, they are her favourite!

Teagan 1