Bridal Prep Guide


How do you prep your skin for the big day?

It’s honestly so very simple. HYDRATE. Your makeup will look absolutely flawless if your skin is in check. I highly recommend seeing an aesthetician for facials leading up to the big day. Ideally, our facials should to the trick. EXFOLIATE– exfoliating your skin, including your lips (lip balm mixed with sugar). Getting rid of the excess dead skin cells is key to having a proper makeup application. Water! Drink lots of water. Drinking at least 1.5 – 2L of water a day, especially the night before. Avoid drinking wine or any alcoholic beverages along with foods that can irritate the skin.

**If you need any facial sugaring or waxing please do so at least one week before your wedding day. The skin needs to heal and makeup applies better giving it a few days to breathe. **

What does a bride pack in her purse for the wedding day?

  1. Blotting papers or translucent blotting pressed powder.
  2. Lipstick as you will need to reapply through the day.
  3. Eyelash glue in clear
  4. Eyeliner in black or brown
  5. Q-tips (perfect way to catch tears, just hide them in a tissue)

I’ve put together a list of my favourite lipsticks that can be worn for the big day:

  • Marc Jacobs- Sonic Truth
  • Charlotte Tilbury- Pillow Talk Liner and Lipstick, Bitch Perfect
  • Bond Girl and The Queen if you like something a bit bolder
  • Fancy Face- Satin Lip Liner, Dewy Lipstick
  • Glossier- BombDotCom Lip Balms in Clear or any Colour

A Few extra tips to keep in mind day of for Makeup..


  • Please arrive with makeup free skin. Often we see people that show up with mascara and yesterdays liner. This eats up time in your appointment that we could be spending on your overall look.
  • Plan for a brow appointment earlier in the week! It can truly change the overall look for the better. I know its a busy time however it will only take around 15 mins and will be worthwhile. If sugaring do it 3 days before- Wax 5 days to a week before.
  • Think of the best spot to get ready wherever the location! Look for something with lots of natural light. We do have lights we can bring along but truly nothing beats natural light. Also keep in mind easy access to outlets so we lighting or hair tools can be plugged in. If you do not have a table let us know and we will bring one so we have adequate room to set up.
  • Come with a button down shirt or something EASILY removable. You do not want to struggle when changing into your dress and ruin the makeup (or hair).
  • Plan for extra time! You cannot expect 10 makeup appointments in 3 hourswork with your vendors and ensure your wedding day is not rushed and chaos. We personally love 1 hour for an appointment this leaves time for skin prep, application and proper sanitization between clients. We do have a large team and can work with you on your timelines day of.
  • I personally ALWAYS recommend false lashes- we have so many styles to choose from. We can stay very natural with individuals that no one would notice- or we can choose a more dramatic look if you choose. Sensitive? Just ask and we will provide latex free glue!
  • Be honest with your artist. We want you to love your look and if you are working with other artists they should as well. We want you to be comfortable to speak up about any requests or changes during your appointment!

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