Makeup Tips for your Wedding Day


Hire a Professional

Unless you are a professional makeup artist I do not recommend doing your own makeup on your wedding day (I hired someone day of and did NOT do it myself). You should be hiring a professional. You are going to be the centre of attention, the focal point of most of your wedding photos and probably the only thing your future spouse will be looking at on your big day. You will WANT to look good. Even if you know how to highlight and contour like all of the top instagrammers your wedding day is not the time to test your skills. Skip trying to follow you tube tutorials and hire an experienced wedding makeup artist on the job – you won’t regret it.

Do Your Research When Choosing an Artist

Just because you’re bestie loved her makeup artist doesn’t mean you will. Research your options and find a bridal makeup artist who styles her brides the way you want to look. Search their portfolio so that you’re familiar with their work and read recommendations. It is key you find someone professional and experienced so do your homework before you book.

Prep Your Skin Before The Big Day

Your artist will want to working with a nice clean canvas on your wedding day, so don’t forget to prep your skin. Get that glowing facial, moisturize like your life depends on it, and splurge on the lash extensions you’ve always wanted. Make sure you do not forget your brows before your big day- a clean brow is so important. These steps will make application smoother and your wedding makeup last longer on your big day. Ask your artist or aesthetician for help and plan a skin care regime at least 6 months before your wedding.


Go For a Classic Makeup Look

Now is definitely not the time to try a fun and trendy look. I can say with almost complete certainty that you will be happier sticking to a clean and classic look for your wedding day. Forget about following today’s hottest trends and stick to what is tried and true. This goes back as well to point number 2, ensure that the makeup artist you choose can deliver the look that you are wanting to achieve.

Have a Bridal Preview (AKA Trial)

You don’t want to find out what you’re going to look like on your wedding day on your actual wedding day. The preview (trial) appointment is so important for more than just that. During this time your artist will learn your product preferences and possible allergies, foundation shade and desired colour palette. It get us acquainted with your skin type and tone and helps us do a better job day of for you. Bonus Points if you can book the preview on the same day as hair. Then you can see the look overall to ensure you will love it and it feels cohesive.

Say Yes To False Lashes

Even if you want an ultra natural look – don’t skip out on the lashes. Ask your artist what type of lashes they keep on hand. A true professional should have a variety of options. I do find that this makes such a difference in the overall look and can be almost undetectable.


Plan out The Space You Will Get Ready In

You want your wedding day beauty prep to be stress free. Think this one out beforehand to create the best experience. If getting ready at your house you will want to ensure you have enough space for the artists to set up their kits and keep a sanitary workspace. You will also need to look to make sure there is adequate lighting. While we and many artists have lighting we can bring- nothing beats natural light while getting your makeup done. If getting ready in a hotel room make sure to see it before hand and ensure the same standards can be met. Keep in mind the number of people getting ready with you in that spot and make sure that you will not feel overcrowded as this can cause unwanted wedding day anxiety.

Communicate Your Thoughts with Your Artist

With 17 years experience I have been able work on my communication which is key for a beautiful makeup application. You want to ensure whoever your artist is will be easygoing and willing to work with you and your parties needs. While we have suggestions to create the best look for you- at the end of the day we want you to be happy. I find makeup very personal and maybe you wanted that liner with a little extra flick or you wanted your lips with a bit more colour whatever it is communicate that with us and most often its an easy fix.

*All photos are done in this article by Janalla Photography.

*Photos done in Fifth & Co. Email to inquire about renting our space as a bridal suite.

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