Outdoor Weddings



Wedding season is upon us!

Couples getting married this 2020 wedding season are likely well on their way to planning their wedding day – and wedding planning has us dreaming of warmer weather!

We often associate the perfect outdoor wedding with a night under the stars…

String lights, music and a warm summer night help to set a romantic atmosphere. There is something about dancing under the stars, sparklers in the sky and s’mores over a fire that makes everything feel like magic.

A sailcloth tent can help to achieve the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding! It allows space for the dancefloor, tables and chairs, bar and catering – while still being completely outdoors. You can string lighting around the perimeter of the tent or inside, above the dancefloor. Setting a warm and romantic vibe during your dinner and reception, as the sun begins to set.

Having an outdoor wedding also allows space for your guests to wander. They can choose to sit inside and take shelter from the sun, or to roam around the property. Adding live music can also help to achieve a relaxing and fun setting for your guests. Having a cocktail hour before dinner, with cocktail tables and appetizers outside of the tent also allows guests to socialize and move around.

Dare I say the word that all wedding planners and couples fear… RAIN.

Agh! Nobody wants it to rain on their special day! But this is something to consider, especially if you plan on having an outdoor wedding. Having a sailcloth tent still gives you that option. Should it begin to rain during your wedding day – guests can take shelter underneath the tent. Remaining dry, happy and ready to celebrate!

A sailcloth tent is also perfect for those who wish to have flexibility with location. If there is a place that holds sentimental value to you or is convenient for you and your guests… you might choose to rent a sailcloth tent to act as your venue if there isn’t already an ideal space there!

Our sailcloth tent seats up to 185 guests comfortably (44×83).

Take your special day outdoors with our sailcloth tent…

Grab a glass of wine, raise a glass and let us take care of the rest.

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